RESEARCH UPDATES | The Research Division project monitoring team visited four (4) State Universities and Colleges in Central Luzon from April 23 to May 3, 2024. The team was led by Dr. Irene M. Adion, OIC-RTD for Research, Regulations & Integrated Laboratory Services, along with Dr. Emily A. Soriano, OIC-Chief, Research Division, the research technical review committee, and technical staff.

The visit aimed to highlight the funded projects under the Rice Research for Development Program:

  1. Promotion of S&T Based Program for Sustainable Rice-Based Community Development in Rainfed/Upland Areas in Zambales (President Ramon Magasaysay State University)
  2. Verification and Intensification of Technologies for Rice and Legume Production in Lahar-Affected Areas of Central Luzon (Pampanga State Agricultural University)
  3. Enhanced Validation and Pilot Scale Production of the Improved Isothermal Amplification-Based Biosensor for Rice Blast (Phase II) (Central Luzon State University)
  4. Increasing the Productivity and Income on Rice Production through Nutrient Supplementations and Enhanced Ratooning (Phase II) (Central Luzon State University)
  5. Assessment of the Resources and Capabilities of the Local Government Units (LGUs) in Providing Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Services in Tarlac and Zambales (Central Luzon State University)
  6. Sustainable Production of Traditional Pigmented Rice Varieties in Aurora Province (Phase II) (Aurora State College of Technology)

During the site visit, the funded projects’ actual conditions and progress were evaluated. The respective project proponents discussed updates, accomplishments, financial reports, and liquidation of their individual projects. Furthermore, as an integral part of the agreement on the various activities in monitoring the funded projects, Drs. Adion and Soriano, along with the project monitoring team, provided recommendations on how to further enhance the projects’ results to ensure their efficiency and sustainability.

The Division carries out monitoring activities to ensure that the projects’ goals are fulfilled and to provide a space for establishing sustainable strategies.