About the Service

The purpose of this section is primarily responsible for ensuring animal’s health, disease-free and well looked after. One of its key roles is to implement policies aimed at preventing – or managing – outbreaks of serious animal diseases, and in doing so support the farming industry, protect the welfare of animals and safeguard public health from animal borne diseases.

Schedule of Availability of Service

Mondays to Fridays: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Who may Avail of the Service

  • Livestock and Poultry Raisers
  • Provincial Veterinarians
  • Municipal Veterinarians
  • City Veterinarians
  • Local Government Units

About the Service

  • Distribution of Vaccines (Rabies, Hemosepticemia, Avian Influenza, PRRS vaccines, Hog cholera and other Biologics like Vitamins and Antibiotics).
  • Liquidation and consolidation of reports of Vaccines and submitted to DA – BAI.
  • Blood and cloacal swab collection in most of winged-animal for Avian Influenza surveillance.
  • Blood collection in cloven hooved animals for continuous FMD monitoring.
  • Monitoring of animal health reports using Phil-AHIS.

Person to be contacted for Inquiries

  • Dr. Eduardo L. Lapuz Jr.
  • Dr. Xandre D. Baccay
  • Dr. Agnes R. dela Cruz
  • Dr. Joely T. Ongtangco
  • Mr. Enrile B. Manio

Number to be contacted for Inquiries

  • DA – RFO III Regulatory Division – (045) 961-2934