The Program aims to increase livestock production and improve productivity to help ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of livestock products. Invigorate the rural economy by promoting enterprise development and increase farmer’s income and ensure the compatibility of practices in the livestock and poultry enterprises with environmental standards.

Major Intervention

MFO 2: Technical Support Services

Production Support Services                     

    • Frozen Semen distribution                                         
    • Forage Grass/Legume Seeds                                    
    • Drugs & Biologics distribution                                   
    • Rabies Vaccine distribution                                        
    • Animal distribution (LPCs & MF)

Extension Support Education and Training Services

    • Meat Processing Training
    • LPI-EWS Training/Workshop                                     
    • Information Materials                 
    • LGU Incentive

MFO 5: Provision of Agricultural Equipment and Facilities

    • Upgrading and Rehabilitation of our Regional Laboratories Multiplier Farms and Livestock Production Centers