Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division

  • Assists and coordinates the preparation, review and updating of functional, commodity and/or support services plans;
  • Strengthens the participatory planning process it employs in the generation of agriculture and fisheries modernization plans;
  • Coordinates the conduct of strategic impact assessment of DA programs as basis for decision-making, planning, public investment prioritization and policy formulation;
  • Provides regular updated reports on program implementation to DA management, other national government agencies and the stakeholders;
  • Coordinates with all sectors the formulation and prioritization of the agriculture and fisheries public investment plan;
  • Strengthens the investment programming process it employs in the generation of agriculture and fisheries public investment program/plan (PIP);
  • Orchestrates the preparation, consolidation, review of the Regional AFMP;


Administrative and Finance Division

  • Extends support services to all the operating divisions;
  • Provides management with the necessary financial information in order to help the other operating divisions in planning, directing and coordinating their programs, projects and
  • Assists in the periodic planning and evaluation processes and prepares short, medium and long-term plans of the It likewise prepares budget proposals and allots obligation of funds
  • Administers all personnel matters and promotes human resource development through the implementation of various training programs;
  • Maintains a centralized records management system
  • Maintains and prepares financial statements and reports
  • Takes charge of collection and disbursement of funds
  • Procures, stores and distributes supplies, materials and equipment necessary in the operations of the
  • Provides Reproduction and Motor pool


Field Operations Division

  • Plans, directs and coordinates the implementation of agricultural programs on crops, soils, livestock, poultry and rural home management;
  • Promotes the organization of all types of cooperatives and other farm-based associations;
  • Provides general guidelines and technical assistance in the promotion  of extension services comprising all disciplines or commodities and services under agriculture and food;
  • Prepares extension programs on the promotion of proven technology regarding food production and home management practices;
  • Protects crops, livestock and poultry from injurious pests, diseases and poisonous substances;
  • Disseminates approved information programs through local television and radio networks, print and other information media in support of the extension programs in the province;
  • Performs other functions as may be provided by


Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division

  • Prepare and initiate the identification of a regional/provincial agribusiness investment priority plan, agribusiness export priority plan and the provincial agribusiness investment
  • Prepare and conduct updating of knowledge/technology commercialization data such as commodity profile, buyer-producers profile, cost structure analysis, road maps of different agri-fishery products /commodities and other promo-collaterals.
  • Implementation of Executive Order 376 or the Tax Exemption of Imported Agri-products and commodities and the Agriculture & Fisheries Market Information


Research Division

  • Serves as the focal point for regional collaboration and linkages among R & D institutions both public and private;
  • Harness genetic materials/stocks and other research results from different national and international research results from different national and international research centers through adaptive and some applied researches involving improved production technology packages for recommendation to extension workers, farmers and fishermen in the Region;
  • Collaborates with other government and NGO research institutions in the formulation and implementation of R & D programs;
  • Spearhead the review/alignment of R,D, & E agenda;
  • Monitors, Reviews, assesses regionally (stations and on-farm) implemented R, D, & E programs and projects;
  • Provides technical and logistical support to Provincial Research Staff (LGU), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and other research institutions for the formulation and implementation of research


  • Implements and enforces laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to plant and animal health, productions and propagations, Regulate feeds, veterinary drugs, vaccines and other agricultural products as required by laws;
  • Monitors/surveys plant pest and diseases and early warning;
  • Monitors Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Cropping System;
  • Inspects, accredits and issues certification of Plant materials and seed production;
  • Monitors/surveys animal diseases and early warning;
  • Monitors Good Animal Husbandry Practices and Organic Livestock and Poultry;
  • Implements Animal Welfare Act;
  • Inspects/monitors Feed Quality to protect animal health.



  • Provides laboratory services in order to ensure the quality of animal feeds, soil and fertilizer being use by our clientele;
  • Provides laboratory tests in support to the animal health and crop protection programs of the department;
  • Provides laboratory services in support to the regulatory and research functions of the department;
  • Serves as training facilities in terms of animal disease diagnosis, crop protection, feeds, soil and fertilizer analysis
  • Adhere to the Department Order 4, series of 2017: Rationalizing and Strengthening DA Regional Laboratory Services with 4 sections:
    • Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (RADDL)
      • Perform animal disease diagnostic tests that serve as guide in the therapeutic, control, prevention and elimination of animal diseases.
      • Conduct laboratory tests in support to animal disease surveillance, farm registration and accreditation, local and international shipment.
    • Regional Feed Chemical Analysis Laboratory (RFCAL)
      • Perform feed chemical analyses in support to the Republic Act 1556 (Livestock and Poultry Feed Act);
      • Conduct mycotoxin analyses in corn, feeds and feedstuffs.
    • Regional Soils Laboratory (RSL)
      • Perform Analyses of soils, water, plant, fertilizers and other materials vital to crop production and provide recommendations;
      • Identify problem soil areas for research and development
    • Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC)
      • Produce Biological Control Agents (Earwigs, Metarhizium anisopilae, Trichogramma )
      • Conduct plant pest disease monitoring and surveillance
      • Retooling of Agricultural Extension Workers and farmers on the control of plant diseases and use of BCAs.
  • Optimize the utilization and efficiency of DA – Integrated Laboratory to ensure provision of accurate data for regulatory and enforcement purposes, research and development, standards development, production, extension and marketing services for the Agriculture and Fishery