The program is focused to achieve self-sufficiency in vegetables. It is affirmed by Republic Act 7900 known as the High Value Crops Development Act of 1995. The act aims to help address food security, poverty and sustainable growth through the promotion of production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops.




Production Support Services                     

    • Seed distribution (Mungbean, Peanut, Lowland Veg & Spices)
    • Planting Materials (Atchuete, Mango, Rambutan, Citrus)
    • Industrial Crops (Coffee & Cacao)
    • Banana & Sweet Potato
    • Fertilizers and other soil ameliorants (Organic & Flower Inducer)


Market Development Services


Extension Support Education and Training Services

    • Farmers Field School
    • Information Materials
    • LGU Incentive


Irrigation Network Services

    • Shallow Tube Well Project/PISOS
    • HDPE Pipe
    • Water Plastic Drum


    • Tractor/Hand Tractor
    • Cultivator
    • Power & Knapsack Sprayer
    • Greenhouse, Nurseries & School Garden
    • Plastic Crates
    • Coffee Dehuller
    • Onion Hunger Storage
    • Mango chips/dried/pickled processing facility


General Guidelines in the Provision of HVCDP Inputs

  1. Eligibility
    1. The qualified recipient shall be Farmer’s Association (FA) and other organized farmer groups duly registered at SEC/CDA/DOLE/DSWD; and
    2. The recipient should be willing to provide prescribed equity requirement, shoulder cost of operation and maintenance, and undergo training courses.


  1. Minimum Requirements to be Submitted

The qualified recipient should submit the following:

    1. Letter of Intent and a Board Resolution stating its need for the equipment and its capacity to manage, operate and maintain the equipment;
    2. SEC/CDA/DSWD certificate of registration and good standing;
    3. FA/IA/RBO Farmer Profiles;
    4. Certificate of availability of the counterpart; and
    5. MAO/CAO/PAO endorsements.


III. Mechanics of Implementation

    1. The letter of Intent and other supporting documents to avail the equipment will be submitted to DA-RFOs;
    2. The DA-RFOs will validate the capability of the potential project recipients and the proposed area;
    3. Selection and approval of recipients will be done by the DA-RFOs;
    4. The DA-RFO will execute corresponding MOA with the approved recipients prior to the turnover of the equipment;
    5. As part of the MOA, recipients shall provide equity depending on the equipment category (Please see annex 1). Equipment under group A shall utilize the 85:15 counter parting scheme, with the recipient providing 15% cash equity. Group B equipment, on the other hand, shall be provided as grant but the recipient has to provide in-kind equity in the form of shed, land, labor, site development expenses, and secure all legal documentations, among others;
    6. Technical specifications for the agricultural production and postharvest equipment will be referred to PAES or other accredited standards, if applicable. A compendium of list of equipment with AMTEC test and its specifications will be provided to the RFO;
    7. The equipment shall be procured from reputable manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers in accordance with existing procurement laws, rules and procedures.
    8. Technical inspection, testing evaluation and acceptance will be undertaken by the DA-RFO;
    9. Training on the operation and maintenance will be conducted by the supplier/s in collaboration with the DA-RFOs and other concerned agencies; and
    10. Operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment will be borne by the recipient with due consideration on the warranty arrangement with the supplier.


Annex 1.
Group A

  • Four Wheel Tractor

Group B

  • Multi Cultivator
  • Power Sprayer
  • Banana Chipper
  • Coffee dehuller
  • Depulper
  • Coffee Roaster
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Vacuum Sealer
  • Pulverizer
  • Dehydrator
  • Wine Maker
  • Fermentation box
  • Fruit juicer
  • Tablea maker
  • Sheller
  • Other Processing Equipment
  • Production Facilities
    • Plant Nursery
    • Greenhouse
    • Screen house
  • Processing Facilities/Post-harvest Facility
    • Packinghouse
    • Onion Hanger Storage


Contact information:

(045) 961 1560