The Feed Chemical Analysis Laboratory (FCAL) was established under Republic Act 1556, which is also known as Livestock and Poultry Feeds Act. This act aims to regulate and control the manufacture, importation, labeling, advertising and sale of livestock and poultry feeds manufactured throughout the Philippines.

FCAL is a unit under the Integrated Laboratories Division of the Department of Agriculture- RFO3. 


  1. provide services to support quality production among animal raisers and give recommendations
  2. provide services to support regulatory functions of monitoring feed millers and retailers in compliance to feed quality standards
  3. provide services to researchers who engage in searching feed additives and substitutes, new feed formulations and organic farming; follow laboratory standards, procedures and techniques in the analysis of feeds and feedstuffs that are vital for food supply and quality
  4. formulate plans and programs for the efficient operation of the unit in accordance with the thrusts and policies of the Department of Agriculture, specifically food security and higher income of farmers.


The following are the services being offered by the Feed Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

A. Physicochemical Analysis

  • performs Complete Proximate Analysis such as Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Crude Fiber, Moisture and Ash
  • performs Mineral Analysis of feed and feedstuff such as Calcium, Phosphorus and Salt
  • provides technical assistance to animal farm raisers who encountered problems due to feeds and feedstuffs

B. Mycotoxin Analysis

  • performs Mycotoxin analysis such as Total Aflatoxin (AFB1, AFB2, AFG1 & AFG2), Ochratoxin, T2/HT2, Fumonisin, Zearalenone, Deoxynevalenol in corn, feeds, and other feed ingredients 

C. Other Analysis

  • also performs analysis such as Nitrogen Free Extract and Metabolizable Energy

If interested to avail our services, you may contact our office through (045) 961-1574, 09456301798 -globe, and 09082395600 -smart.


Sample (minimum of 200 grams per sample)Client
Request Letter (1 original copy, for students and academe clienteles only)Client
Sample receiving form (1 original copy)Feed Laboratory
Order of payment (1 original copy each office)Feed Laboratory and Accounting Section
Official receipt (1 original copy)Cashier


Abigail P. Beltran, RCh
PRC License No. 0008637
Chemist III/ Section Chief

Jenny C. Lambanicio, RCh
PRC License No. 0012411
Chemist II

Marie Angela C. Quiambao, RCh
PRC License No. 0013153

DJ Ryan M. Badar, RChT
PRC License No. 0003643
Chemist Technician

Leonida S. Garcia
Laboratory Technician II

Rizalinda C. Cunanan
Laboratory Aide II

Dolly M. Mangio
Administrative Support Staff

Irene C. Alvaro
Laboratory Aide