In consonance with the RA 8435 (AFMA Law) with IRR spelled out in DA AO #6, Series of 1998, the R4DD executes the functions mandated for the Regional Integrated Agricultural Research Center (RIARC) under the guidance of the DA-BAR and in close coordination with SUCs, and LGUs. As such, it shall, in relation to its assigned commodities:

  1. Provide leadership in the planning and orchestration of the implementation of M&E of an integrated RDE within a farming system approach in coordination with the Regional Training Centers;
  2. Undertake mainstream and downstream applied research in the region;
  3. Develop and maintain a network of provincial collaborators in undertaking the regional RDE programs;
  4. Supervise and maintain Research Outreach Stations (ROSes) which shall serve as stations of the RIARC and a link between the regional and provincial RDE programs;
  5. Provide technical and logistical support in the demonstration of new and appropriate technologies;
  6. Serve as an educational and training facility;
  7. Propagate genetic (crop/livestock/poultry) materials or stocks;
  8. Provide support services in the implementation of DA banner programs such as:
    • Production, maintenance, and distribution of breeder animals (small ruminants, poultry, rabbit, native pig)
    • Distribution of seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs subsidized by DA
    • Distribution of machineries and equipment subsidized by DA
    • Production and distribution of seeds, and seedlings in support to the Rice, Corn, and High Value Crops Development Programs (HVCDP), and
    • Production and distribution of organic inputs in support to the Organic Agriculture Program (OAP)
  9. Package matured agricultural technologies and develop IEC materials; and
  10. Promote and disseminate technologies to farmers and other stakeholders using appropriate extension modalities.

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