The Rice Program is one of the banner programs of the Department of Agriculture which is mainly concerned in rice farming and uplifting the lives of Filipino farmers, guided by the principles of the Agri-Pinoy framework namely: food security and self-sufficiency, sustainable resource management, support services from farm to table and broad-based local partnerships, the National Rice Program integrates government initiatives and interventions for the agriculture sector.

Technical Support Services

Production Support Services

  • High Quality Seed Assistance to Adverse Ecosystem
  • Production Support for Technology Adoption (High Yielding Technology Adoption or HYTA)
  • Disaster Response: Buffer Stocking (Registered and Certified Seeds)
  • Pest Outbreak Control Measures/Chemical: Insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides, Flamethrower (LGU Quick Response Pool)
  • Light Traps for Black Bug
  • Zinc Sulfate

Program Management and Field Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Sikat Saka Program

Extension Support, Education and Training Services

  • Stakeholders congress/Farmers Congress
  • Conduct of Farmer Field Schools
  • Logistic Support to Local Farmer Technicians
  • Institutional Development of SWISAs/IAs/FAs
  • Palaycheck and Palayamanan Technology Demonstration
  • Hybrid-Inbred Technology Demonstration
  • Specialized Trainings to Strengthen RCPC Pest Surveillance Team
  • Trainings on Community Seed Banking
  • Strategic Rice RD&E FSSP projects (Technology Development, Adaptation & Demonstration on Rice and Rice-based Farming Systems) this includes mushroom etc
  • Green Super Rice (GSR) Performance Evaluation in Rainfed and Adverse Lowland Environment
  • Pest monitoring and surveillance (early warning system)
  • Organizing and Capability Building of Farm Service Provider
  • Strengthening of existing farm service provider
  • Radio Program

Research and Development

  • DA-IRRI Collaboration
    • PRISM: Philippine Rice Information System – An Operational system for ice monitoring to support decision making towards increased rice production in the Philippines]
    • Accelerating the Dev’t and Adoption of Next-Generation (Next-Gen) Rice Varieties for the Major Ecosystems in the Philippines
    • Rice Crop Manager: A Comprehensive Decision Support Tool for Increasing Yields and Income for Farmers in the Philippines
    • Accelerating the Dev’t & Dissemination of Associated Technologies for Direct-Seeded Rice in Irrigated & Rainfed Ecosystem
  • Strategic Rice R&D
    • Rice Farms Productivity Enhancement
    • Integrated/Palayamanan Farming system/CPAR
  • Collaborative R&D with other Institutions
    • CPAR Integrated Rice-based cum Sweetpotato and Slaughter Goat Production in Bataan (BPSU)
    • Integrated Rice-based Cropping Systems for Climate Resilient Farming Systems in Selected Lahar-laden Areas of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales (PAC)
    • Combine Tillage and Weed Control Practices for Upland Rice Ecosytems in Bulacan (BASC)
    • Nutrient Dynamics Assessment of Inorganic and Organic Rice-based Farming in Pampanga River Basin Through Lysimeter and Isotopic Techniques (BSWM)
    • Intensified Rootcrop Production in Rice-based Areas in Central Luzon (TCA)
    • Rice Black Bug (RBB) Scotinophara coarctata (Metsch): Population Density, Damage, Natural Enemies, Evaluation of Management Tools and Promotion of Recommended Management Strategies in Central Luzon (PhilRice)
  • Regional Rice R&D
    • Community-Based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) on Rice-Onion Production in Maquiapo and Pulung Masle, Guagua, Pampanga
    • CPAR on Integrated Rice-Based Farming System in Botolan, Zambales
    • Rice Production: The Nueva Ecija Experience
    • Profiling of Selected Traditional Rice Varieties in Support of DA’s Initiative on Rice Exportation

Irrigation Network Services

Small-scale irrigation projects (SSIP) constructed/installed

  • Small Water Impounding Project (SWIP)
  • Shallow Tube Well
  • Diversion Dam
  • Pump irrigation system for open source (mobile)
  • Irrigation Canal

Small-scale irrigation projects (SSIP) rehabilitated/ improved

  • Small water impounding project
  • Diversion dam

Agricultural and Fishery Machinery, Equipment, and Facilities Support Services

  • Mini 4WD Tractor
  • Hand Tractor with implements
  • Farm Machinery Pool for quick response brigade( 4 wheel tractor w/ backhoe, front loader & rotovator)
  • Floating Tiller
  • Transplanters
  • Transplanter Riding Type
  • Harvester
  • Multi-crop combine harvester
  • Combine harverster with hauler
  • Reapers
  • Drumseeder
  • Rice Straw Bailing Machine
  • Other agricultural inputs/ small equipments (Rice Straw Shredder, Grain Treating Machine, Rice Hull Carbonizerz)
  • Jeepney mounted thresher
  • Establishment of Automated Weather Stations
  • Maintenance of Bio-con Laboratory
  • Multi-purpose Drying Pavement (MPDP)
  • Recirculating/ LSU dryer with biomass furnace


Landline: (045) 963 – 7412